Name: Yonghua Yang

Country: China


School of Pharmacy Fudan University

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826 Zhangheng Rd.
Shanghai 201203, CHINA

Research Interests:

(a) Role of cancer-related proteins in tumorigenesis and metastasis
(b) Discovery and validation of molecular targets for cancer therapeutics and anticancer drug development.
(c) Molecular mechanisms of anti-tumor drugs for cancer treatment.


  • Dr. Yonghua Yang is currently a professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Pharmacology of Fudan University with a focus on breast cancer.
  • Dr. Yang obtained his B.S. in Organic Chemistry from Jilin University in 1987.
  • He continued his postgraduate studies in Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, CAS and obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmacy and Pharmacology in 1993 and 1998, respectively.
  • He is working with trainees in his laboratory on the characterization and development of novel molecules significant in breast tumorigenesis.
  • He published a series of first author and senior author publications in recognized peer-reviewed journals, including Nature Cell Biology, EMBO J, PNAS, Cancer Research, and Oncogene etc.