Name: Yi-Lung Mo

Country: United States


University of Houston,

Phone no: 713-743-4274

Fax: 713-743-4260

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N112 Engineering Building 1,
TX 77204-4003.

Research Interests:

  • Primary research interests are related to the behavior and design of Reinforced/ Prestressed Concrete, Steel, Hybrid and Composite Structures subjected to seismic and blast loads. Current research includes the following topics.
  • Development of smart sensors and structures for vibration control and damage detection.
  • Seismic shear of hollow reinforced concrete bridge piers.
  • Development of innovative structural systems (such as prestressed concrete box bridges with corrugated steel webs and reinforced concrete buildings with corrugated steel shearwalls) for seismic resistant design.
  • Implementation of new materials (such as high strength concrete, advanced composites, smart materials) into seismic design, retrofit and repair of buildings and bridges.
  • Development of analytical models for seismic hazard mitigation of engineering structures.
  • Dynamic experimental studies on materials, structural components and systems.
  • Constitutive models of reinforced and prestressed concrete subjected to shear or torsion.
  • Simulation and visualization of nuclear containments and concrete bridges for security.
  • Application of nanoscale technology to concrete structures.
  • Application of artificial intelligence to concrete structures.


  • 2011 Civil and Environmental Faculty Achievement Award, (In recognition of teaching, research, service and dedication as exceptional), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 2011.
  • Research Excellence Award, (In recognition as one of the top 5 researchers in the research area of concrete structures), National Science Council, Taiwan, 1993 and 1994.
  • Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow Award, (In recognition as the outstanding international researcher in a specific research area), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, 1995.
  • Distinguished Research Award, (In recognition as the top researcher in the research area of concrete structures), National Science Council, Taiwan, 1999.
  • Research Creativity Award, (In recognition for the most creative research project, completed by an undergraduate student and his/her supervisor), National Science Council, Taiwan, 2000.
  • Best Paper Award, Award co-recipient of best paper titled “Structural Health Monitoring of a Concrete Column subjected to Shake Table Excitations Using Smart Aggregates,” American Society of Civil Engineers, Earth and Space Conference, Long Beach, CA, March 3-5, 2008.