Name: YangXin Chen

Country: China


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital,
Sun Yat-sen University.

Phone no: (0086) 20-81332623

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107 West Yanjiang Road,

Research Interests:

Nutrition and metabolitic and cardiovascular diseases


Research grants:

  1. Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University from Ministry of education of China (NCET-13-0606)
  2. Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (S2013010014011): The effects of perivascular adipose tissue inflammation on atherosclerotic plaque stability and the related mechanism. 
  3. National Natural Science Foundation of China (81100101): The effects of lipoxin-A4 on reendothelialization and restenosis after artery endothelial denudation and mechanisms.
  4. Medical Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (B2011085): The effects of C-reactive protein (CRP) on reendothelialization and restenosis in atherosclerotic rabbits after de-endothelialization.
  5. 2013 Young Teacher Key Support Project by Sun Yat-sen University and 2010 Young Teacher Support Project by Sun Yat-sen University.


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