Name: Xiaodan Ren

Country: China


Clinical Endocrinologist,
Department of Integrated traditional chinese and western medicine,
Zhongnan Hospital, Wuhan, 430071, China.

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1239 Siping Road,
Shanghai 200092,

Research Interests:

Mechanical Properties, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Finite Element Modeling, Mechanical Testing, Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Fracture, Geotechnical Engineering, Concrete, Damage Mechanics, Mechanics, Micromechanics, Stochastic.



  1. Stochastic damage hysteretic model for concrete based on micromechanical approach.
  2. Implicit Gradient Delocalization Method for Force-Based Frame Element.
  3. A rate-dependent stochastic damage–plasticity model for quasi-brittle materials.
  4. Multi-scale based fracture and damage analysis of steel fiber reinforced concrete.
  5. Triaxial Behavior of Concrete Subjected to Dynamic Compression.
  6. A unified dynamic model for concrete considering viscoplasticity and rate-dependent.
  7. A review on the constitutive model for static and dynamic damage of concrete.
  8. Stochastic damage model for concrete based on energy equivalent strain.
  9. Behavior of High-Performance Concrete under Uniaxial and Biaxial Loading.
  10. Hysteretic deteriorating model for quasi-brittle materials based on micromechanical damage approach.