Name: Xiao-Qi Yu

Country: China


Chang Jiang Chair Professor College of Chemistry Sichuan University.

Phone no: 86-28-8541-5886

Email: Send an Email


College of Chemistry Sichuan University Chengdu,

Sichuan 610064,


Research Interests:

  • Biomedical Materials Chemistry
  • Biocatalysis.


Awards and Honors:

  • 2001: Excellent teacher award by College of Chem, Sichuan University 
  • 2003: Outstanding young scientist award by Sichuan Province 
  • 2003: New century excellent talent award by Ministry of Education of China 
  • 2004: Excellent teacher award by Sichuan University 
  • 2006: Scholar Leadership awarded by Sichuan Province 2007: Distinguished Young Scholars Awarded by National Science Foundation of China 
  • 2009: Chang Jiang Chair Professor by Ministry of Education of China.


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