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University of Contestado,
UnC, Porto União,
SC (Brazil).

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William Cordeiro de Souza


Porfirio Alves,
10. Loteamento Santa Cruz.
Santa Catarina.

Research Interests:

Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Body Composition.



  1. Evaluation of speed, agility and strength of lower limbs of adolescents practicing field tennis.
  2. Risk of metabolic syndrome in adolescents with low birth weight.
  3. Differences in the Fitness Conditioning Glycemic and Lipid Profile in Teenagers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athletes.
  4. Acute response of intermittent and continuous aerobic exercises on blood glucose of adolescents.
  5. Morphological characteristics, muscle strength, and anaerobic power performance of wheelchair basketball players.
  6. Paraspinal Muscle Activity during Unstable Superman and Bodyweight Squat Exercises.
  7. Physical Activity Levels of Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes.
  8. Comparison of flexibility and local muscular endurance of teenagers in different growth rate peaks.
  9. Prehypertension prevalence and blood pressure and its association with anthropometric variables and nutritional status of preschool children.
  10. Comparison of cardiorespiratory fitness related to the autonomy and level of physical activity of hypertensive and non-hypertensive elderly women.