Name: Wei Du

Country: United States


Cincinnnati Children's Hospital.

Phone no: 304-293-2754

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3333 Burnet Ave,
Cincinnati, OH,
United States.

Research Interests:

Stem cell biology and pathophysiology of bone marrow failure and leukemia, identifying and targeting the alternative oxidative DNA-damage response pat


  • Dr. Du is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy at WVU.  
  • She is also in Program 3: Alexander B. Osborn Hematopoietic Malignancy and Transplantation. 
  • She was originally trained as a physician in China. 
  • Then she was selected as an exchange student to study in Japan. 
  • After receiving her PhD in Pediatric Oncology from Tohoku University in Japan, she came to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for her postdoctoral training. Before joining WVU, she was a faculty member of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. 
  • Dr. Du’s research is focused on molecular analysis of abnormal hematopoiesis, primarily on the molecular pathogenesis of bone marrow failure and leukemia. 
  • Her laboratory takes a multi-disciplinary approach including the development of preclinical murine models, genetics, genomics, molecular immunology, and biochemistry. 
  • Her research has been published in over 30 peer-reviewed articles and has contributed to the understanding of the pathophysiology of cancer-prone diseases, including Fanconi anemia.