Name: wala ben kridis

Country: Tunisia


Hospitalo-graduate assistant,
Department of Oncology,
Habib Bourguiba,
Hospital Sfax Tunisia.

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Hospitalo-graduate assistant,
Department of Oncology, 
Habib Bourguiba,
​Hospital Sfax Tunisia.

Research Interests:

Cancers: diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and survival



  1. A Review of Ewing Sarcoma Treatment: Is it Still a Subject of Debate?
  2. The Difficulties in the Management of Breast Cancer and Pregnancy.
  3. Predictive Factors of Febrile Neutropenia Induced by Anticancer Chemotherapy in the South of Tunisia.
  4. Acute pancreatitis induced by anticancer chemotherapy.
  5. Rectal stromal tumor: about an observation.
  6. An Exceptional Case Of Atrial Fibrillation Arrhythmia Induced By Etoposide..
  7. A Very Rare Cerebral Complication of Chemotherapy in a Young Girl: A Difficult Diagnosis.
  8. Osteosarcoma of the spine through a case and a review of the literature.