Name: Viraat Harsh

Country: United States


Department of Neurosurgery
Baylor College of Medicine

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Baylor Plaza, Houston
TX 77030, United States

Research Interests:

Neurosurgery, Neurotrauma, Traumatic brain injury



  1. Cingulotomy for medically refractory cancer pain.
  2. Surgical/radiological interventions for cancer pain.
  3. Factors affecting survival in 43 consecutive patients after surgery for spinal metastases from thyroid carcinoma.
  4. Spinal cord compression secondary to intrathecal catheter–induced granuloma: a report of four cases.
  5. Percutaneous CT-guided cordotomy for the treatment of pediatric cancer pain: Case report.
  6. Reliability of treating asymptomatic traumatic type II dens fractures in patients over age 80: A retrospective series.
  7. Injection nerve palsy: What's to blame?.
  8. Use of mobile applications in neurosurgery: Are we compromising on patient confidentiality and privacy?.
  9. Transpedicular surgical approach for the management of thoracic osteophyte-induced intracranial hypotension refractory to non-operative modalities: case report and review of literature.
  10. Traumatic intracerebellar haematoma: To operate or not to operate?