Name: Vicente Llorent Bedmar

Country: Singapore


National Institute of Education,
Nanyang Technological University (NIE/NTU),

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National Institute of Education, 
Nanyang Technological University (NIE/NTU), 


  • Vicente Llorent Bedmar is Professor at the Department of Theory and History of Education and Social Pedagogy of the Faculty of Education Sciences, the University of Seville, Spain, where he has been teaching comparative education since 1989. 
  • Under his leadership, comparative education was approved in 2006 as a core course in the Masters in Education programme at the University of Seville. 
  • Aside from his teaching duties, he has directed brilliant doctoral theses in the field of comparative education. 
  • He has also directed several comparative research studies for various governmental bodies in Spain.
  • Professor Llorent Bedmar was elected president of the Spanish Comparative Education Society (SEEC) in 2006. 
  • Since 1996, he has been serving on the editorial board of the Spanish Journal of Comparative Education (REEC). 
  • Since 1995, he is also Director of the Comparative Education Research Group of Seville (GIECSE), with research focus on Family and Educational Systems in the European Union and the Maghreb. 
  • He has actively participated as president and / or member of the organizing committee of various international and national scientific congresses organized by the Comparative Research Group of Seville (GIECSE), the Spanish Comparative Education Society (SEEC), and the Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE), which held its XXII conference in Granada, Spain in 2006.