Qualification: Ph.D

Country: Italy


Department of Chemical Sciences

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Research Interests:

Organic Synthesis Fluorescence Synthetic Organic Chemistry Fluorescence Spectroscopy Synthesis Catalyst Molecular Recognition Host Guest Chemistry Heterocyclic Chemistry Organometallics Homogeneous Catalysis Organometallic Synthesis Synthetic Chemistry Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemical Synthesis Organic Chemistry Synthesis Chirality Multistep Synthesis Fine Chemicals Macromolecular Chemistry Asymmetric Synthesis Synthetic Methodology Chemical Organic Synthesis Asymmetric Catalysis Organic Chemicals Column Chromatography Flash Chromatography Applied Organic Chemistry Flash Column Chromatography Live Cell Imaging Confocal Microscopy


Giuseppe Trusso Sfrazzetto was born in Catania (Italy) on 08/26/1981, he achieved Bachelor Degree in Chemistry on 11/26/2005 with the vote of 109/110 and then the Master Degree in Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry on 07/27/2007 with 110/110 cum laude from the Faculty of Sciences. FF. NN. of University of Catania, discussing the thesis titled "Design and synthesis of new macrocyclic cavitand for molecular recognition." From September to December 2007 he worked at the research laboratory of Prof. Gaetano Tomaselli in the University of Catania for the design and manufacture of new metal catalysts for asymmetric epoxidation reactions. In October 2007 he won fellowship for the PhD in Chemical Sciences (XXIII° cycle) at the University of Catania. He achieved the title of "PhD in Chemistry" on 02/10/2011 discussing thesis entitled "Design and synthesis of novel macrocyclic cavitand". From February to April 2011 was the holder of a contract of collaboration within the project PRIN 2008 "NEW METHODS FOR THE SELECTIVE AND GREEN OXIDATION OF ORGANIC SUBSTRATES KEY". In November 2011 he won a Post-doc position in the Department of Chemical Science of University of Catania to develop the field research about “MOLECULAR BASIS OF DEGENERATIVE SYNDROMES OF SENESCENTIS. During his Ph.D. he participated to various conferences and schools about organic chemistry. He is currently co-author of 32 scientific articles published in international journals. Furthermore, he is corresponding author of 14 manuscripts published on Chemistry A European Journal, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, two on Tetrahedron Letters, Journal of Chemical Sciences, three on Chemical Communication, New Journal of Chemistry, RSC Advences, Supramolecular Chemistry, Computational and Teorethical Chemistry, Current Organic Chemistry and International Journal of Molecular Sciences.