Name: Tonmoy Debnath

Country: Taiwan, Province of China


Chung Shan Medical University.

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No. 110, Section 1, 
Jianguo North Road, 
South District, 
Taichung City, 402.

Research Interests:

  • Public Health, 
  • Microbiology, 
  • HCV infection, 
  • HBV infection, 
  • Cancer research, 
  • DNA methylation, 
  • SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), 
  • GWAS (Genome-wide association study), 
  • EWAS(Epigenome-wide association study) studies and Epidemiology.


  • Tonmoy Debnath is a post-graduate research assistant and M.S. student with major in the Dept. of Public Health in Chung Shan Medical University (CSMU), Taichung City, Taiwan. 
  • He has completed his B.S. degree in Microbiology from the Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU), Noakhali, Bangladesh. 
  • Until now he has altogether 2 years research experiences as undergraduate and postgraduate research student from NSTU and CSMU. 
  • Besides, he joined several workshops on Public health and Taiwan Biobank and Taiwan Health Insurance databases. 
  • In addition, he took a training on Basic Biotechnology from National Institute of Biotechnology (NIB), Savar, Dhaka. Recently, he has published several scientific papers in different world-renowned peer reviewed International journals (for example, Polymers-MDPI publisher; Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics-Springer Publisher; Journal of Microscopy & Ultrastructure-Elsevier Publisher etc.). 
  • In addition, their some other research articles still in “under review” and “Decision pending” status in different world-renowned peer reviewed journals (including Scientific reports-Nature publisher; Journal of viral hepatitis-Wiley publisher; Journal of Global antimicrobial resistance-Elsevier). Besides, he is an editor, associate editor and editorial board member of different international peer-reviewed journals. 
  • Currently, he has been struggling to do cancer research and also trying to do research to find an association between Hepatitis C virus infection with SNP, DNA methylation and some modifiable risk factor using Taiwan Biobank and Taiwan health insurance databases.