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Researcher, fish biology and fisheries in Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu.

+372 5666 5311

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Timo Arula


University of Tartu, Department of Natural and Precise Sciences, Estonian Marine Institute, researcher of marine systems.

Research Interests:

SCIENCE: Bio-and environmental sciences, Ecology, biosystematics and physiology;

CERCS ERIALA: B260 Hydrobiology, marine biology, aquatic ecology, limnology.


  • 2015, Timo Arula; SA ARCHIMEDES conference travel grant for young researcher.
  • 2014, Timo Arula; European life-long studies project ERASMUS grant to participate in ICES working group.
  • 2013, Timo Arula; Scholarship for Estonian summary of non-Estonian doctoral dissertation.
  • 2012, Timo Arula; Kristjan Jaak travel grant for young researcher.
  • 2011, Timo Arula; AFS Early Life History Section J.H.S. Blaxter best student poster award in 35th Annual Larval Fish Conference.
  • 2009, Timo Arula; Estonian Students Fund in US grant for PhD studies
  • 2008, Timo Arula; ESF DoRa progam for Supporting the participation of young researchers in international exchange of knowledge
  • 2007, Timo Arula; Estonian World Council in US grant for PhD studies