Name: Theo van Laar

Country: Netherlands


Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Bionanoscience

Phone no: +31 15 27 84295

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van der Maasweg 9 2629 HZ Delft the Netherlands

Research Interests:

Single Molecule Eucaryotic Replication



  1. Signatures of Nucleotide Analog Incorporation by an RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Revealed Using High-Throughput Magnetic Tweezers.
  2. High-throughput, high-force probing of DNA-protein interactions with magnetic tweezers.
  3. Essential validation methods for E.coil strains created by chromosomal engineering.
  4. Strand separation suffices to establish a long-lived, foolproof DNA-protein lock at the Tus Ter replication fork barrier.
  5. Investigate the dynamics of the beta(2) sliding clamp in Escherichia coil at the single-cell level utilizing single-molecule fluorescene microscopy.
  6. Invincible DNA tethers: covalent DNA anchoring for enchanced temporal and force stability in magnetic tweezers experiments.