Name: Tetsuro Tamaki

Country: Japan


Tokai University School of Medicine.

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143 Shimokasuya

Research Interests:

  • Skeletal muscle hypertrophy, hyperplasia, regeneration and aging.
  • Skeletal muscle-derived stem cells and Satellite cells.
  • Regenerative medicine using Skeletal muscle-derived stem cells.


  • Tetsuro Tamaki completed undergraduate training in physical education at the Waseda University of Tokyo in Japan prior to obtaining an MS degree in physical education (Exercise Physiology) and a PhD degree in Medicine (Physiology) from the Tokai University of Kanagawa in Japan.
  • He has held faculty positions in the Department of Physiology at the Tokai University School of Medicine of Isehara in Kanagawa.
  • He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Human Structure and Function, Tokai University School of Medicine, and the head of the laboratory of the muscle physiology and cell biology unit.
  • He is involved in experiments focused on skeletal muscle hypertrophy, hyperplasia, regeneration and aging on the basis of neuromuscular physiology.
  • Recently, he has mainly been involved in stem cell biology and therapy using skeletal muscle-derived multipotent stem cells.
  • Currently, his study is extending the cross-talk among hypertrophy, hyperplasia, regeneration and aging and stem cells in the skeletal muscle.