Name: Tauheed Ishrat

Country: United States


University of Georgia,
Augusta GA,

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HM-1200 Georgia Regents University Campus,
1120 15th Street,
Augusta, GA 30912.

Research Interests:

  • My research interests focus on the molecular events underlying neurological diseases.
  • In my studies I concentrate on three diseases: Parkinson, Alzheimer and Cerebral stroke.
  • The long-term goal to identify potential new drug targets for the development of causative treatments.
  • These are progressive diseases of the nervous system involving damage or loss of neurons in the brain.
  • The causes of the diseases are unknown but recent evidence suggests a multifactorial origin involving genetic and environmental factors.
  • Considerable efforts have been made to determine the cellular mechanisms that might underlie the cell death in these diseases.
  • Over the years, several pathogenic hypotheses have been proposed, including oxidative stress, apoptosis, excitotoxicity, inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • However, up to now it is not known which of these metabolic pathways participate in the process of cell death, if and how they interact and which genes are regulating this complex network.


  • Dr. Ishrat working as a Research scientist at University of Georgia, Augusta, GA.
  • My research revolves around the importance of vascular protection in the acute stroke period to improve outcome of ischemic stroke.
  • Also, I am trying to identify tactics for decreasing vascular damage after ischemic stroke in an attempt to develop new therapies for stroke patients.