Name: Sylvie Servigne

Country: France


National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon,
Information Technology Sciences Area (STI),

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National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, 
Information Technology Sciences Area (STI), 

Research Interests:

Information Technology, Information System Management, Geographic Information System, Data Science, Databases, IT Systems, Informatics, Data Quality, Spatial Database.



  1. Representation and Visualization of Urban Fabric through Historical Documents.
  2. A new Itinerary Planning Approach Among Multiple Mobile Agents in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) to Reduce Energy Consumption.
  3. Metadata and Quality for Real-Time Monitoring Systems.
  4. Spatio-temporal data management within sensor databases.
  5. Structuration of time-real spatio-temporal data: towards the management of the saturation of database..
  6. Multidimensional indexing of real-time and spatiotemporal sensor databases.
  7. GIS for the urban sound environment: From representation to animated visualization.
  8. Animated Cartography for Urban Soundscape Information.