Name: Stephanie Filleur

Country: United States


Associate Professor, Texas Tech University-Health Sciences Center Lubbock, TX, USA.

Phone no: 806-743-4873

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Member of a Center, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center SOM Cancer Center-Lubbock-TX.

Research Interests:

Cancer Cytokines, Tumor, microenvironment macrophages, Cancer, Prostate cancer, Urological cancers, Angiogenesis (in vitro and in vivo), Anti-cancer therapies, Cell death and proliferation, Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor, Cellular and molecular Biology, In vivo preclinical tumorigenesis assay


• Naturalization, USCIS, 2015.
• Unsung Hero Award, 2014.
• Permanent Residency Card, 2009.
• Dean's Douglas M. Stocco Scholarship / Research Award, Chancellery of the Universities of Paris, Paris, France, 2002.
• Dean's Douglas M. Stocco Scholarship / Research Award, "Foundation for Medical Research", France, 2002.