Name: Sophia Lionaki

Country: Greece


MD at Laiko Hospital.

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‚ÄčMD at Laiko Hospital.

Research Interests:

interest focus is anca associated vasculitides.



  1. Long term outcome of Kidney Transplantation in patients with IGA renal disease.
  2. Secondary Hyperoxaluria: A risk factor for kidney stone formation and renal failure in native kidneys and renal grafts.
  3. Classification of antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibody vasculitides: The role of antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibody specificity for myeloperoxidase or proteinase 3 in disease recognition and prognosis.
  4. The clinical course of IgA Nephropathy after Kidney Transplantation and its management.
  5. Kidney Transplantation in patients with IGA Nephropathy recurrence rate in the graft and long term outcomes..
  6. IgA Nephropathy and Kidney Transplantation: Recurrence Rate in the Graft and Long Term Outcomes.
  7. Association between thyroid disease and its treatment with ANCA small-vessel vasculitis: A case-control study.
  8. Remission of proliferative lupus nephritis following B cell depletion therapy is preceded by down-regulation of the T cell costimulatory molecule CD40 ligand: An open-label trial.
  9. Lupus nephritis and non-Hodgkin lymphoma simultaneously diagnosed in a patient on methimazole.
  10. An uncommon cause of acutely altered mental status in a renal transplant recipient.