Name: Soonmoon Yoo

Country: United States


Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

Phone no: (302) 298-7006

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Nemours Biomedical Research Department
Rockland Center 1
1600 Rockland Road
Wilmington, DE 19803, USA

Research Interests:

  • My research interests have focused on cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the transport of axonal mRNAs and the regulation of local protein synthesis in regenerating axons. 
  • The long-term goal of my research is to uncover the specificity of axonal mRNA translation and to understand the molecular mechanisms that regulate local de novo protein synthesis during neuronal repair and regeneration. 
  • Determining mechanisms that lead to regeneration in the PNS at a molecular level will identify new pathways that can be therapeutically targeted for CNS injury and potentially other degenerative neurological diseases in humans. 
  • Therefore, my research interests focus on control of local protein synthesis within the axonal compartment at different levels of neuronal activity (e.g., during regeneration) could potentially lead to develop RNA-based approaches for the therapy of neurological disorders. 

In particular, my current research is aimed at 

i.) regulation of intra-axonal protein synthesis/mRNA and small non-coding regulatory RNA transport and 
ii.) biological function of these newly synthesized proteins in axonal regeneration regenerating axons.


  • Dr. Soonmoon Yoo is currently a research scientist and head of molecular regeneration and neuroimaging laboratory in Nemours Biomedical Research department at AIDHC. 
  • Dr. Yoo was born in South Korea and received a B.S in Biology from Chung-Ang University in 1994 after having served in the Republic of Korea Marine Corps for three years. 
  • He went on to earn a master in medicine in Biochemistry from the School of Medicine in 1996. 
  • He came to the U.S to earn a Ph.D in Neurobiology from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2002. 
  • He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C. prior to joining Nemours Biomedical Research Department as a postdoctoral fellow in 2006. 
  • His work as a postdoctoral research was recognized and received a post-doctoral fellowship award, funding for two years, from Craig H. Neilsen Foundation in 2009. 
  • He has been also awarded funding for 5 years through the NIH IDeA program as a target investigator in 2010 and promoted to an assistant research scientist as a head of molecular regeneration and neuroimaging laboratory. 
  • One of his research projects was successfully validated by his NIH/NINDS R21 award in 2013. 
  • Since then Dr. Yoo has been conducting research as a research scientist and mentoring graduate students from the department of biological sciences at the university of delaware as an affiliated scientist.