Name: Siddhartha Jonnalagadda

Country: United States


Northwestern University

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750 N Lakeshore
Dr Floor 11,
Chicago, IL 60626.

Research Interests:

Biomedical Natural Language Processing Biomedical Informatics



  1. Enhancing clinical concept extraction with distributional semantics.
  2. Efficient extraction of protein-protein interactions from full-text articles.
  3. Towards effective sentence simplification for automatic processing of biomedical text.
  4. Sentence simplification aids protein-protein interaction extraction.
  5. Text summarization in the biomedical domain: a systematic review of recent research.
  6. Automatically extracting sentences from Medline citations to support clinicians' information needs.
  7. NEMO: Extraction and normalization of organization names from PubMed affiliation strings.
  8. An information extraction framework for cohort identification using electronic health records.
  9. Comprehensive temporal information detection from clinical text: medical events, time, and TLINK identification.
  10. Automating data extraction in systematic reviews: a systematic review.