Name: Shrirang Karve

Country: united states


Shire Pharmaceutcals

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4504 stearns hill road, Waltham, MA USA

Research Interests:

Nanomedicine, Drug delivery



  1. Therapeutic efficacy in a Hemophilia B model using a biosynthetic mRNA liver depot system
  2. Effect of Drug Release Kinetics on Nanoparticle Therapeutic Efficacy and Toxicity.
  3. Antitumor efficacy following the intracellular and interstitial release of liposomal doxorubicin
  4. Revival of the abandoned therapeutic wortmannin by nanoparticle drug delivery.
  5. Folate-Targeted Polymeric Nanoparticle Formulation of Docetaxel Is an Effective Molecularly Targeted Radiosensitizer with Efficacy Dependent on the Timing of Radiotherapy.
  6. Folate-targeted nanoparticle delivery of chemo- and radiotherapeutics for the treatment of ovarian cancer peritoneal metastasis.
  7. Formulation of Diblock Polymeric Nanoparticles through Nanoprecipitation Technique.
  8. The pH-dependent association with cancer cells of tunable functionalized lipid vesicles with encapsulated doxorubicin for high cell-kill selectivity.
  9. The use of pH-triggered leaky heterogeneities on rigid lipid bilayers to improve intracellular trafficking and therapeutic potential of targeted liposomal immunochemotherapy.
  10. pH-Dependent Formation of Lipid Heterogeneities Controls Surface Topography and Binding Reactivity in Functionalized Bilayers.