Name: Shaomin Bian

Country: China


Jilin University.

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5333 Xi'an Road,
Jilin Province,

Research Interests:

  • functions of non-coding RNA in plants
  • regulation of fruit developmemt and maturation



  1. Computational identification of conserved microRNAs and their targets from expression sequence tags of blueberry ( Vaccinium corybosum ).
  2. MicroRNA–Mediated Repression of the Seed Maturation Program during Vegetative Development in Arabidopsis.
  3. Reactive oxygen species, antioxidant enzyme activities and gene expression patterns in leaves and roots of Kentucky bluegrass in response to drought stress and recovery.
  4. Characterization of a nitrogenase CrFe protein from a mutant UW3 of Azotobacter vinelandii grown on a Cr-containing medium.
  5. Characterization of a FeMo cofactor-deficient MoFe protein from anifE-deleted strain (DJ35) ofAzotobacter vinelandii.
  6. Identification of 14-3-3 Family in Common Bean and Their Response to Abiotic Stress.
  7. Identification and Characterization of microRNAs and Their Targets from Expression Sequence Tags of Ribes nigrum.
  8. Combinatorial regulation of CLF and SDG8 during Arabidopsis shoot branching.
  9. Genome-Wide Analysis of CCA1-Like Proteins in Soybean and Functional Characterization of GmMYB138a.
  10. Conservation and diversification of the miR166 family in soybean and potential roles of newly identified miR166s.