Name: Scott Nyberg

Country: United States


Mayo Clinic

Phone no: 507-405-4239

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200 First Street SW,
Rochester MN USA,

Research Interests:

  • fetal transplantation
  • fetal tolerization
  • hepatocyte transplantation
  • bioartificial liver
  • liver transplantation


  • Scott L Nyberg is a trained Liver Transplant Surgeon and a Biomedical Engineer.
  • His engineering training includes a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Minnesota.
  • His medical training includes an MD degree from Johns Hopkins and Transplant Surgical training from the University of Minnesota.
  • He directs the Artificial Liver Program and Liver Regeneration Program at Mayo Clinic Rochester, where he has worked as a Transplant Surgeon since 1996.
  • He has published over 175 papers in reputed journals, and serves on the Editorial Board of Journal of Hepatology and Liver Transplantation.