Name: Sateesh Kumar Sathigari

Country: united states


Formulation and Process Development.

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Patheon Inc.,
United States.

Research Interests:

Experience in development of solid, and liquid oral dosage forms Experience in formulation of poorly soluble drugs Experience in development of amorphous and nanoparticle formulation systems Good Analytical skills and experience in handling analytical instruments and different formulations Hands on experience on design of experiments (DOE) Proven ability to contribute individually or collaborate with diverse functional groups Proven leadership, team work and organizational skills Fast learner, quickly grasping various analytical techniques and as well as proactively embracing new technology



  1. Physicochemical characterization of efavirenz–cyclodextrin inclusion complexes.
  2. Formulation of controlled release gellan gum macro beads of amoxicillin.
  3. Amorphous-state characterization of efavirenz—polymer hot-melt extrusion systems for dissolution enhancement.
  4. Gefitinib–cyclodextrin inclusion complexes: physico-chemical characterization and dissolution studies.
  5. Simultaneous production and co-mixing of microparticles of nevirapine with excipients by supercritical antisolvent method for dissolution enhancement.
  6. Glass transitions in binary drug+ polymer systems.
  7. In vitro percutaneous absorption of genistein from topical gels through human skin.
  8. Singleā€step preparation and deagglomeration of itraconazole microflakes by supercritical antisolvent method for dissolution enhancement.
  9. Encapsulation of hydrophobic drugs in a copolymer: glass transition behavior and miscibility evaluation.
  10. Production of Nano/Micro Drug Particles by Supercritical Fluid Technology.