Name: Samad Sabbaghi

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of


Associate Professor,
Nano Chem. Eng.Dep.,
Faculty of Advanced Technologies,
Nanotechnology Research Institute.

Phone no: +98-713-6133709

Email: Send an Email


Department of Chemical Engineering,
University of Waterloo,
200 University Avenue West,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1.

Research Interests:

  • Chemical Engineering approach to nanotechnology.
  • Study about Regeneration (Reduction) of Silica-gel Catalyst of Orumieh Petrochemical Complex.
  • Study about“ Catalyst” with Professor Anvar Khodiuf Which was presented as a Lecture in Petrolum Idustry University.
  • “Mathematical Deactivation Model for Cu/ZnO Catalyst during Methanol Synthesis” as a Part of M.S. Thesis.
  • “Dynamic Simulation of Methanol Fixedbed Reactor with Deactivation Model” as a Part of M.S. Thesis.
  • “Study & Simulation of Methanol Reactor” with: Dr. J. Fathikalajahi & Dr. M.R. Rahimpour.
  • Desgin & Building of Baghouse Filter for Perchlorine Unit of Shiraz Petrochemical Complex.
  • Design & Establishment of Wastewater Treatment Unit for Serch Factory and Hen Slaughter-House in Fars Province.
  • “ Intermolecular Potential Energy and Intermolecular Forces of Asphaltene” as a Part of Ph.D. Thesis.
  • “New Model for Asphaltene Precipitation with Modified Virial Equation of State” as a Part of Ph.D. Thesis.
  • “ Study of Nanostructures to Identify Asphaltene with Atomic Force Microscopy” as a Part of Ph.D.
  • “ Characterization of Complex System of Heavy Organic Compound by Use of Nanotechnology Case Study: Asphaltene Deposition and Its Control in Oil Industry” as a Part of Ph.D. Thesis.
  • Study about “Application of Nanotechnology in Chemical Eng.” with Professors G.Ali Mansoori, M. Shariaty-Niassar, Sh. Ayatollahi, A. Jahanmiri, A. Boushehri. 


Scientific & Executive Records:

  • Responsible for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects in Shiraz University
  • Vice chancellor of Faculty of Advanced Technologies
  • Head of Nano Chem. Eng. Dep.
  • Head of Incubators Center of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical (Fars Science and Tech. Park)
  • Top researcher of Shiraz University in 2010
  • Top researcher of Shiraz University in 2013
  • Top researcher of Fars Science and Tech. Park 2012
  • Top teacher of Shiraz University in 2017
  • Receiving the bronze statue of Iranian Nanotechnology Community
  • Appreciation Letter of Iranian Nanotechnology Community
  • Executive Secretary of the International Conference on Nano
  • Executive Secretary of the Research Week 2009
  • Executive Secretary of ASPA 2014 Asia-Pacific Conference
  • Head of Nano Chem. Eng. Dep. 2007-2017