Name: Salvatore Giofrè

Country: Italy


 Department of Chemical, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences, University of Messina

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Department of Chemical, Biological, Pharmaceutical
and Environmental Sciences, University of Messina. 
Via SS Annunziata 98168-Messina, Italy

Research Interests:

Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Biochemistry.


  • Dr. S.V. Giofrè was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, on the 27th.01.1981. He graduated in "Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology" at the University of Messina on the 20th.07.2005 with the experimental thesis:"Synthesis and biological properties of 2'-3'-oxa-aza-carbocyclic nucleoside phosphonates". 
  • In 2006 he collaborated with the Department of Pharmaco-Chemistry, University of Messina in the project: "Design and synthesis of enolattons as potential inhibitors of pyrophosphate site of NS5B". 
  • From January to June 2008, as Visiting PhD student, he carried out at the Laboratory of Chemometrics and Chemoinformatics, Department of Chemistry, University of Perugia, an intense period of research about computational chemistry, in particular his work has involved studies of Virtual Ligand Screening -Based and Structure-Based, QSAR descriptors and Molecular Modelling studies on molecules of pharmaceutical interest with antiviral activity. 
  • From March to April 2009 he worked with the Department of Chemistry, University of Catania, on the project: "Studies of ligand-based pharmacophoric models of new molecules containing heterocycles with potential biological activity." 
  • On 24th.03.2009 he obtained the PhD qualification in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Messina. 
  • From May to July 2009 he worked with Fort Dodge Animal Health (Division of Wyeth Lederle SpA) in Catania, in the MUR project n. 
  • 9844, entitled "Innovative studies of synthesis and delivery systems of new molecules with pharmaceutical interest for animal health", where a study of Pharmacophore-based design of anti-parasitic has been developed. 
  • In 2010 he won a competition for a Research Fellowship during a period of four years under the project: "Design and Stereo-selective Synthesis of modified nucleosides as novel antiviral agents," Area 03, in the field of Organic Chemistry, Department of Pharmaco- Chemistry, University of Messina. 
  • In June of 2011 he became expert in the subject for the CHIM/06 sector (Organic Chemistry), and from 7 October 2011 He carries out his research at the Department of Chemical, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences, University of Messina. 
  • He took part in the Research Program PRIN 2010-2011, co-financed. 
  • Title: Design and stereoselective synthesis of active compounds to protein targets involved in viral diseases and cancer. 
  • From 2012 to the present, He is an Assistant Professor of organic chemistry and teaches "Organic Chemistry" and "Physical Methods in Organic Chemistry" of the Degree in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Messina.