Name: Saeid Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of


Urmia University of Technology

Phone no: 0441-3554180; 09144396191

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Saeid Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering,

  Urmia University of Technology,

  Band High Way, P.O. Box 57155-419

  Urmia, Iran.

Research Interests:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Facility location problem
  • Robust Optimization
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Design of Experimen


  • Graduated In the bachelor's degree in industrial Engineering in 2005.
  • Study Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering at university Putra Malaysia in 2007.
  • Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (Productivity) in 2013 from the National University of Malaysia.
  • I have been an assistant professor in the Faculty of industrial Engineering on Urmia University Of Technology, since 2013.

Publications :

  • Salem, S., & Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi, S. (2016). Estimation of optimal physico-chemical characteristics of nano-sized inorganic blue pigment by combined artificial neural network and response surface methodology. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 159, 80-88.
  • Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi, S., & Rahman, M. N. A. (2016). Performance study of artificial neural network modelling to predict carried weight in the transportation system. International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, 24(2), 200-212.
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  •  Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi, S., Hoshyar. I, Ahmadi.F, Designing a closed-loop supply chain network and providing a multi-objective mathematical model to select a third-party logistics company and supplier simultaneously, International Journal of Technology Management 2016.( Under review).
  • Ab Rahman, Mohd Nizam, Saeid Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi, Dzuraidah Abd Wahab, and Majid Jafarzadeh-Ghoushji. "Artificial neural network modeling studies to predict the amount of carried weight by iran khodro transportation system." Life Science Journal 11, no. SPEC. ISS. 2 (2014): 146-154.
  • Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi, S., Dorosti.S, Health Consequences of Exposure to Wastes: Practice and Review, J Liaquat Uni Med Health Sci, 2017 accepted.
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  • in Mehr Tabriz, International Conference on Science and Engineering, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat of the Congress, Istanbul University.