Name: Saeed Talebian

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Phone no: 09127959219

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Theran- Iriran
POB: 16536-188

Research Interests:

1 . Spinal cord injury
2 . Isoinertial (B200) and Isokinetics in the lumbar and limbs human performance
3 . Iontophoresis in physical therapy
4 . Human Motion Analysis, Gait and Posture
5 . Motor Cotrol and learning
6 . Electroneurophysiology, Electromyography, Kinesiological electromyography,



  1. Member of Iranian Rehabilitation Faculties members association
  2. Member of Iranian Physiotherapy Association IPA
  3. Secretary of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  4. Member of Iranian Scientific Physiotherapy Association
  5. Member of Physiotherapy Association of Iran
  6. Member of Educational Council, Research & Graduate School of Rehabilitation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  7. Member of the Board of Disciplinary Board and Evaluation of Rehabilitation Sciences 
  8. Specialist Board of the Ministry of Health
  9. Research Council, Faculty of Rehabilitation
  10. Research Council of Physiotherapy Group
  11. Council of Graduate School of Rehabilitation.