Name: Sadia Batool

Country: Pakistan


Preston University Kohat-Islambad, Pakistan

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Preston University 85 street 3 H-8/1 Islamabad Pakistan

Research Interests:

Educational Psychology Special Education Educational Technology


  • Dr Sadia Batool has been working as an Assistant Professor, Preston University, Islamabad, Pakistan sine 2012.
  • She has done PhD with specialization in Educational Psychology.
  • She has supervised a number of M.Phil and PhD theses related to Educational Psychology.
  • She has authored many research articles for International and National Journals.


  1. Effect of Cooperative Learning on Achievement of Students in General Science at Secondary Level.
  2. An analysis of the relationship between inflation and gold prices: evidence from Pakistan.
  3. Gender Differences in Performance Attributions of Mainstream and Religious School Students.
  4. Emotionalized learning experiences: Tapping into the affective domain.
  5. Chaotic home conditions and children's adjustment: study of gender differences.
  6. A Study of Attribution Patterns among High and Low Attribution Groups: An Application of Weiner’s Attribution Theory.
  7. Professional role of teachers in government colleges and higher secondary schools for f. Sc programme in punjab: a comparative Study.
  8. Causal Attribution Patterns of Mainstream School Students and their Effect on Achievement.
  9. Determinants of Food Inflation in Pakistan & Effects of Seasonal Adjustment on Forecasting Food Inflation.
  10. Pattern of addiction and its relapse among habitual drug abusers in Lahore, Pakistan Diagram of addiction and relapse among habitual drug addicts in Laho.