Name: Sabita Saldanha

Country: United States


UAB and Alabama State University

Phone no: 334-229-5084

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Biological Sciences
247 Life Science Building
Alabama State University
915 S. Jackson Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Research Interests:

Epigenetics of obesity, Cancer epigenetics, development and identification of tumor markers


  • Dr. Saldanha comes from a research background and has been a laboratory instructor for nearly 8 years. Some of her research interests pertain to the role of bioactive molecules, in particular polyphenols, in cancer inhibition or prevention. 
  • Sabita is currently pursuing her Ph.D. degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). 
  • She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in LifeSciences Biochemistry in 1994 and then with a Master’s degrees in LifeSciences, Biotechnology, in 1996, from India, from the University of Mumbai. 
  • She relocated to the United States in 1999 and obtained another Master’s degree in Biology and Ph.D. in genetics from UAB.
  • Sabita has had extensive experience in training and mentoring students. Her ability to understand student needs has earned her a position as a STEM faculty mentor and MARC mentor, here at ASU. 
  • Her students have won scientific poster competitions held at ASU. 
  • Some of her other accomplishments have been her role in establishing the EnvironMentors chapter at ASU in 2007, in which she served as the program coordinator for two years. 
  • Some of the students she recruited won the EnvironMentors poster competition, at the EnvironMentors Science fair held at Washington DC, May 2009.
  • Mrs. Saldanha has lent her expertise to many of the science related programs at ASU. 
  • She has been a guest lecturer for the Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM) programs for the past two years and has helped train high school teachers in relevant biological areas. 
  • She has successfully collaborated with the ASIM biology coordinator at ASU and the HudsonAlpha group, a biotechnology company, at Huntsville to test the efficacy of biological experimental kits for high schools in Montgomery and other local counties. 
  • She has also been a science instructor for the TRIO program at ASU for two years.
  • In addition to her research and teaching credentials, Mrs. Saldanha also has a strong administrative background. 
  • In India, in 1997, She was appointed research coordinator for the sub-branch of the Medical Research Council Environmental Epidemiology Unit, South Hampton UK. 
  • She successfully collaborated with several medical institutions all over India in research pertaining to maternal nutrition and fetal development. 
  • One of her proudest moments was her role in the establishment of a research society in India called the Society for the Natal Effects on Health in Adults (SNEHA), of which she is a founding member.