Name: Rui Tang

Country: united states


Staff Scientist,
Washington University School of Medicine,
Department of Radiology.

Phone no: 314-747-9652

Email: Send an Email


4566 Scott Avenue Barnard Room 6605,
Campus Box 8225,
St. Louis, MO 63110,United States.

Research Interests:

Optical Imaging, Bionanotechnology, Biochemistry, Physical chemistry, Material Chemistry, Biosensing, Quantum dot application, Cancer Drug development.


  • At Department of Radiology, I lead chemistry section of Optical Radiology Lab. 
  • My research to date has been focused on the development of various near-infrared fluorescent imaging probes and their applications in early cancer detection and treatment. 
  • These imaging probes includes different types of nanoparticles, pH sensitive organic molecules, dichromic molecules, peptide-based targeting molecules, and fluorescent lifetime imaging probes. 
  • I also pursue research projects on the development of NIR organic molecule based imaging probes which are response to kinase, glucose transportation, or other biological activities, and using the existing techniques to enhance the performance and stability of the imaging probes to better assist the translational studies. 
  • In addition, I’m the manager of the GLP labs in ORL to supervising the production of the controlled imaging probe products for clinical translational works and clinical collaboration.