Name: Rohit Ghan

Country: united states


Director (Head),
Product Development,

Phone no: +91 22 6645 5645

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803 Sun Valley Way,
Florham Park, NJ, 07932.



  • Self-motivated, innovative, result-oriented, dynamic leader with experience in managing formulation and process development, design and development of products and drug delivery systems with excellent problem solving ability and communication skills.

Career Highlights:

  • Certified as Project Management Professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Initiated, planned, and successfully executed product development strategy for re-formulation of major blockbuster drug for major pharmaceutical company for a $51 million market (South America)
  • Independently managing projects involving formulation and process development of solid and liquid dosage forms generating $2 million in revenue annually
  • Developed controlled release and immediate release solid oral dose formulations by using high-drug load pellets using a novel rotor pelletization process (CPS®Technology)
  • Successfully employed fluid bed techniques such as top spray granulation and rotor pelletization to improve solubility of poorly soluble actives
  • Collaborated with internal DEA expert to develop procedures for handling, processing, storing, and managing Controlled Drug Substances (CIII and CIV)
  • Specialized in formulation development of sterile nasal spray solutions 
  • Spearheaded design, development, and clinical testing of an ultrasound-mediated delivery device for transdermal/ topical delivery of high molecular weight drugs
  • Developed and obtained approval from Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Phase I clinical trials
  • Developed controlled release drug delivery systems using cellulosics, acrylics and hydrophilic polymers for various solid and liquid oral dosage forms.
  • Specialized in Layer by Layer (LbL)/ Electrostatic Self Assembly (ESA) for nano-scale thin film deposition on flat and three dimensional substrates 
  • Developed unique hot-melt granulation process for controlled release solid oral dosage form
  • Formulated and validated novel drug delivery systems and investigated sustained release properties
  • Engineered microcapsules for “bio-reactor” applications for bio-polymerization in situ.

Awards And Activities:

  • R. Khillan, R. Ghan, Y. Lvov, Y.Su, “Layer-by-Layer (L-b-L) architecture of alternately assembled ultra-thin films of PEDOT-PSS/PPy to act as Hole Transport Layer (HTL) in Polymer Light Emitting Diodes (PLEDs) and Polymer Thin Film Transistors (TFTs)  judged “Best Polytronic 2004 paper”, 2004
  • Recipient of Travel Award for South West Regional Meeting (SWRM) of American Chemical Society (ACS), 2004
  • Recipient of Travel Award for Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Conference, 2003
  • Recipient of “Best student award for excellence in scientific achievement”, 2002.