Name: Roberto Pedrinelli

Country: Italy


Associate Professor at the Dam,
Department of Surgical,
Molecular and Critical.

Phone no: 050-500427

Fax: 050-540522

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Via Bonanno Pisano 40,
56126 Pisa.

Research Interests:

Cardiovascular Diseases


Education and Training

  • Date (from - to) CLASSIC MATURITY, Liceo Lorenzo Costa of La Spezia (July 1969) Postgraduate in Medicine and Surgery, University of Pisa 110/110 and Praise (July 1975)  Specialization in Internal Medicine, University of Pisa, 60/60 and praise (July 1980) 1964-1980 .
  • Name and type of education or training institute - Maturita 'Classic, Medical and Surgical  Law, Intermediate Specialization.
  • Main subjects / subjects of study High Qualification in the field of the Cardiovascular Medicine  
  • Qualification obtained Cardiology Professor 
  • Level in National Classification (if applicable) The Weekly L'ESPRESSO (page 121 of September 14, 2000, "Guide to the most prestigious specialists, the 36 best in the realm") places it in the eighth place among the 36 Italian researchers most mentioned in international cardiology literature based on the total number of citations from ISI sources collected by Prof. Schiaffino, University of Padua
  • The CORRIERE SALUTE periodical of May 30, 2004 ("The super-experts for each problem", page 21) cites the University of Cardiology Department of the Pisana University Hospital amongst the "top tips" in the field of arterial hypertension (assessment by the Mario Negri Institute based on the sum of scores based on Impact Factor and Citation Index and management parameters)