Name: Ricardo J Fernandes

Country: Portugal


University of Porto,

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University of Porto,
Praca de Gomes Teixeira,
4099-002 Porto,

Research Interests:

He is interested in Sport Sciences particularly on the biophysical characterization specially centred on the availability and use of energy in cyclic sports (e.g. swimming, running, cycling, rowing, surfing and kayaking):

(i) determination of the athlete's bioenergetical profile, understanding the kinetics of oxygen consumption and lactate production, which allow assessing the energy cost of the movement and, therefore, the definition of exercise economy profiles for athletes of different levels and gender and

(ii) relationship of these physiological parameters with biomechanical variables, particularly with kinematics, but also kinetics, electrical muscular activity and thermography. He also interested in planning and periodization, and training control and evaluation of athletes in cyclic sports. Most recently, he has been engaged in water polo game analysis (by identifying the determinant factors that affect decisively the success of players and teams) and also on postural and muscular training aiming for therapeutic/clinic purposes. He integrates the Porto Biomechanics Laboratory that developed an seven force plates instrumented block for swimming starts, a cable EMG apparatus, a startmeter for analysing intracyclic velocity fluctuations and an instrumented surf board that can be used for data acquisition in several nautical activities.


  • Ricardo, born in 1972, completed the License on Sport and Physical Education in 1995 and the Master on Sport Sciences (specialization on High Performance Sport - Swimming) in 1999, both at the Faculty of Sport - University of Porto.
  • He became Doctor on Sport Sciences, by the same institution, in 2006, and presented successfully his Habilitation in 2013.
  • He is teaching at Faculty of Sport - University of Porto since 1995.