Name: Ravi Subban

Country: India


Department of Computer Science , Pondicherry University.

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Department of Computer Science , Pondicherry University.

Research Interests:

Machine Learning, Academic Writing, Qualitative Analysis, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Research Methodology, Data Analysis, Classification, Optimization, Feature Extraction, Quantitative Analysis, Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Clustering, Data Collection, Computational Intelligence, Advanced Machine Learning, Methodology, Quantitative Data Analysis, Survey Methodology and Data Analysis, Research Analysis, Report Writing, Qualitative Inquiry, Quantitative Methodology, Research Project Management, Segmentation, Survey Analysis, Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Algorithm, Face Detection.



  1. Efficient iris recognition using Haralick features based extraction and fuzzy particle swarm optimization.
  2. Classification of Cervical Cancer Using Artificial Neural Networks.
  3. Real-Time Hard and Soft Shadow Compensation with Scene Adaptive Patch Similarity Gradient Pairs.
  4. Genetic Algorithm based Human Face Recognition.
  5. Real-time Compressive Tracking -A Study and Review.
  6. A Review on Survey and Analysis of Shadow Detection Techniques.
  7. Image in-painting techniques - A survey and analysis.
  8. An Analysis of Suitable Color Space for Visually Plausible Shadow-free Scene Reconstruction from Single Image.
  9. Face Tracking Techniques in Color Images : A Study and Review.
  10. Research Perspective Review on Retinal Blood Vessel Detection.