Name: Ratko Pavlovic

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


University of East Sarajevo,
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Nikole Tesle 18,
71420 East Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Research Interests:

Sports and rehabilitation science, Athletics, Physical Education and Sport,Fitness, Anthropomotorics, Motor Control.



  1. The differences of kinematic parameters Triple jump between finalists WCh Berlin, 2009 - WCh Daegu, 2011
  2. Vibration Training in Conditioning Preparation of the Kugle Battery
  3. The differences of kinematic parameters High jump between male and female finalists WCh Daegu, 2011
  4. The Differences of Kinematic Parameters Triple Jump Between Female Finalists World Championship BERLIN, 2009.-DAEGU, 2011
  5. The Influence Of Motor Skills on the Manifestation of Speed in the Children of a Younger School Age
  6. The Values of Fitness Index and Vo2max of Students using Indirect Method Aerobic Tests
  7. The influence of motor skills on the results of the high jump straddle technique on a sample of elementary school children
  8. European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science Differences in Motor Abilities Manifestations Depending on Quantitative Parameters of Body Mass Index of Students
  9. The Prescription of the Expiry of the Drawing Face on the Basis of Power
  10. Prediction of Running Speed in Girls on the Basis of Strength