Name: Rasha Reda

Country: Egypt


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,

Zagazig University,


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Department of Fish Diseases and Management,

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Zagazig University,


Research Interests:

My research interests involve developing and evaluating aquaculture nutrition strategies for improving fish growth, immunity, and welfare. The main focus of my research is to evaluate different feed additives as probiotic, prebiotic, acidifier, nucleotides and phytobiotic in aquaculture feed to formulate balanced eco-friendly diets with high economic profit.

Specifically, my major areas of research are:

  • Improve the sustainability of aquafeeds by different feed additives especially probiotic based diets and seek to increase fish production through the use of feed additives safe on the health of both the fish and the human.
  • Formulation of eco-friendly low-pollution feeds
  • Evaluation effect of the feed additives on fish growth performance, immune status and disease resistance.
  • Use of additives to enhance the nutritive value of feed ingredients and to reduce economic losses in fish farms resulting from pathogenic fish death through the improvement of the general situation and increase fish resistance to infection and immune raise.
  • Improvement, standardization, and documentation of methods in fish nutrition.
  • Effects of feed additives especially probiotics on the expression pattern of related genes in fish


Zagazig University - Department of Fish Disease and ManagementZagazig, Egypt

Jan 2005 - Jan 2009   Zagazig University

Field of study
  • Further studies on problems facing rearing of ornamental fish.

Sep 2002 - Jul 2005 Zagazig University

Field of study
  • Studies on some problems facing rearing of ornamental fish.

Sep 1996 - May 2001 Zagazig University

Field of study
  • Veterinary medicine

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