Name: Ramesh C Gupta

Country: India


Professor of Chemistry,
School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development (SASRD), 
Nagaland University.

Phone no: 09436002734, 8974058559

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Professor of Chemistry, SASRD, Nagaland University,
Medziphema; Nagaland - 797106, India.

Research Interests:

Organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and Drug Development, Chemistry and Toxicology of natural substances, herb-drug interaction, nutriceuticals & functional food, amino-acid in nutrition, taurine, analogues and Biological actions, environmental aspects, Science popularization and education.


  • Dr. Ramesh Gupta is Professor of chemistry at Nagaland University. 
  • He received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Science, and Master of Science in organic chemistry from Lucknow University India, and Doctorate in Chemistry at Lucknow University, on Drug Development. 
  • Dr. Ramesh Gupta is a Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemist and has worked for several years as visiting professor/Scientist in various Medical schools, in Louis pasture University France, University of Arizona USA, Osaka University & Nagoya University Japan, Kyung Hee University, Korea advance institute of science and technology (KAIST) Korea, Ben-Gurion University Israel, Linkoping University Sweden and some others.
  • I have completed MSc., MPhil., PhD in Biochemistry and having 16 years teaching and research experience.
  • He had received awards like Visiting Professorship KAIST Korea, Brain Pool Scientist award of Korea Federation of Science and Technology, research in Korea and Sugita Award Nagoya University, Japan. 
  • He also worked as a one of the committee member of International bodies like United Nation Industrial Development Organization, British Common Wealth and UN Committee on Industry and Environment, France. 
  • At present also he is working as a one of the committee member of 10 National Bodies. 
  • He is an editorial board member of 19 international journals. 
  • He is also a Member of 26 Professional bodies.