Name: Peter L Fisher

Country: Egypt


University of Liverpool

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University of Liverpool,
Liverpool L69 3BX, UK

Research Interests:

Clinical Psychology


Personal Distinctions

  • Overcoming the Challenge of Treating Emotional Distress in Physical Illness: A Metacognitive Therapy Solution. (Keynote Speech, Third International Conference on Metacognitive Therapy, Milan, Italy 2016)
  • Metacognitive Therapy for Emotional Distress in Physical Illness: Invited workshop. (Invitation to Speak, Third International Conference on Metacognitive Therapy, Milan, Italy. 2016)
  • Formulation skills in metacognitive therapy. (Invitation to Speak, British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology (North West Branch) Annual Conference 2016)
  • Metacognitive therapy for anxiety and depression. One day workshop (Invitation to Speak, University of Dundee. 2014)
  • Metacognitive therapy for emotional disorders. One day workshop (Invitation to Speak, University of East Anglia; Advanced CBT programme. 2014)
  • Metacognitive Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. One day workshop (Invitation to Speak, London South Bank University 2014)
  • Applying metacognitive theory and therapy to emotional distress in cancer patients. Keynote Address, (Keynote Speech, Second International Conference on Metacognitive Therapy, Manchester, UK. 2013)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Metacognition: What We Think We Know! (Keynote Speech, World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Lima, Peru 2013)
  • Is Metacognitive Therapy heading in the right direction? (Invitation to Speak, University of Lancaster. 2013)
  • Metacognitive Therapy for OCD: Invited workshop (Invitation to Speak, Dutch Association of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Rotterdam: The Netherlands 2012)
  • Metacogntive theory and treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder (Invitation to Speak, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London 2012)
  • Enhancing psychological approaches for cancer patients (Invitation to Speak, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 2012)
  • Treating Depression- looking beyond CBT. (Invitation to Speak, South West Mental Health Service, Western Australia 2011)
  • Metacognitive Therapy: Treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder. (Invitation to Speak, Curtin University, Perth, Australia 2011)
  • Treating emotional distress in adolescent survivors of cancer (Invitation to Speak, University of Nottingham 2011)
  • Improving treatment outcomes for OCD: A role for metacognitive beliefs and processes? (Keynote Speech, International symposium on OCD. Prien, Germany 2011)
  • Changing thinking styles: Metacognitive therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder and major depressive disorder. (Invitation to Speak, University of Marburg, Germany 2010)
  • Beyond Cognition: The role of metacognition in OCD (Invitation to Speak, EABCT 2008)