Name: Pengcheng Han


Dignity Health St Joseph Hospital and Medical Center

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350 W. Thomas Rd,
AZ 85013,
United States.

Research Interests:

Alzheimer's disease, Neurodegeneration, Neurochemistry, peptides, ion channel and synaptic transmission, mitochondrial function.


  • Education: Ph.D in Neuroscience
  • Current position: Assistant Professor (Research Track)
  • Cell cultures and live tissue slice preparation of hippocampus, brain stem and spinal cord. Patch clamp and extracellular electrophysiology including whole cell, single channel recordings and LTP. 
  • Confocal microscopy living imaging Virus based genetic transfection, vector design, clone and subclone, shRNA interference, q-PCR, protein based assay, quantitative histochemistry. 
  • Mitochondrial function assay Memory and motor behavioral assay Molecular and ion channel target in Alzheimer?s animal model Statistic analysis using R.