Name: Patricio De los Ríos

Country: Chile


Universidad Catolica de Temuco

Phone no: 56 045 205694

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Patricio De los RÃos Assistant Professor - Assistant Professor Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences. Faculty of Natural Resources Catholic University of Temuco Box 15-D Temuco CHILE email: [email protected]

Research Interests:

Limnology, crustaceans, saline lakes, zooplankton.


Academic Degrees:

  • Doctor in Sciences, Systematic and Ecology. Austral University of Chile, 2004.
  • Aquaculture Engineer, Bachelor of Marine Sciences. University of Antofagasta, 1998.

Line of research:

  • Limnology: systematics, ecology and biogeography of lacustrine zooplankton communities.
  • Saline lakes.
  • Effect of ultraviolet radiation on continental aquatic ecosystems.