Name: Panjasaram Naidoo

Country: South Africa


University of KwaZulu-Natal, ukzn, Discipline of Pharmaceutical Science.

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University of KwaZulu-Natal, ukzn 
Discipline of Pharmaceutical Science 
South Africa.

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MEMBERSHIPS OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES AND COMMITTEES. International Membership: International AIDS Society- Membership No. 19340 (2006-CURRENT) International Federation of Pharmacists ( FIP) Membership No. 34257 (2013-CURRENT) National Membership: FELLOW OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF SA. South African Society of Clinical Pharmacy ( 2011-2014) SA HIV Clinicians Society- Membership No.1993 (2006-CURRENT) PSSA Community Pharmacist Sector- Membership No. 8877 ( 1994- CURRENT) PSSA Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences- Membership No.8877. (2005-CURRENT) Local Membership: Pharmaguild: Founding member/ Member (1984-2012) Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa[ PSSA] (KZN ) Coastal Branch: (1994-CURRENT).


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