Name: Otavio Augusto Chaves

Country: Brazil


Department of Chemistry at Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ-Brazil)

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Department of Chemistry, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, 23851-970, Seropadica-RJ, Brazil.

Research Interests:

Organic Synthesis, Tyrosinase Inhibitors and Activators, Interaction between Drugs and Serum Albumins, Spectroscopic Analysis, Molecular Docking, Semi-Empirical Calculations, Photophysics and Photochemistry Properties of Organic Molecules


  • MSc Otavio Augusto Chaves was born in Sao Paulo-Brazil (1992) and nowadays he is Professor of the Department of Chemistry at Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ-Brazil).
  • He obtained his Master of Science degree in Chemistry at UFRRJ and he obtained his double graduation in Chemistry at UFRRJ and University of Coimbra (UC-Portugal).
  • He has scientific collaborations with national and international research groups (IME, USP, UFRJ, INMETRO, UERJ, UFRN, UENF, UFSM, UC and Ahalia School of Pharmacy).
  • His research focus is centered on the interaction between commercial and potential drugs with serum albumins by spectroscopic analysis (UV-Vis absorption, circular dichroism, STD-NMR, zeta potential, FTIR-ATR, steady-state, time-resolved, 3D and synchronous fluorescence) and computational methods (molecular docking, molecular dynamics and semi-empirical calculations), as well as the determination of photophysics and photochemistry properties of synthetic compounds.