Name: Osden Jokonya

Country: South Africa


University of South Africa,
School of Computing,

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University of South Africa,
School of Computing,

Research Interests:

Information Technology, Information Society, Technology Adoption.



  1. Critical Literature Review of Theory of Planned Behavior in the Information Systems Research.
  2. Towards a Critical Systems Thinking Approach during IT Adoption in Organisations.
  3. Investigating Users’ Perception of Stakeholder Approach During IT Adoption in Organizations.
  4. Validating Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) during IT Adoption in Organizations.
  5. A Framework to Assist Organizations with IT Adoption Governance.
  6. Towards a Big Data Framework for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, TB and Silicosis in the Mining Industry.
  7. A framework to analyze E-Government OSS adoption benefits.
  8. Towards a framework for decision making regarding IT adoption.
  9. Using information technology governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) as a creator of business values - A case study.
  10. Boundary Critique and Stakeholder Collaboration in Open Source Software Migration: A Case Study.