Name: Nophar Geifman

Country: United Kingdom


The University of Manchester

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The University of Manchester,
Centre for Health Informatics,

Research Interests:

Knowledge Representation, Big Data, Medicine, Medical Informatics



  1. Data-driven identification of endophenotypes of Alzheimer's disease progression: Implications for clinical trials and therapeutic interventions
  2. Evidence for benefit of statins to modify cognitive decline and risk in Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Informatics for Health 2017: Advancing both science and practice
  4. A patient-level data meta-analysis of standard-of-care treatments from eight prostate cancer clinical trials
  5. Do cancer clinical trial populations truly represent cancer patients? A comparison of open clinical trials to the cancer genome atlas
  6. Immune modulators in disease: Integrating knowledge from the biomedical literature and gene expression
  7. Immune modulators in disease: integrating knowledge from the biomedical literature and gene expression
  8. Opening clinical trial data: Are the voluntary data-sharing portals enough?
  9. Promoting Precision Cancer Medicine through a Community-Driven Knowledgebase
  10. The Mouse Age Phenome Knowledgebase and Disease-Specific Inter-Species Age Mapping