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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

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Noehammer Christa


Department Health & Environment, Molecular Diagnostics Unit
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology,
2444 Seibersdorf, Austria.

Research Interests:

PCR, Cancer Biomarkers



  1. Multiplexed and Sensitive DNA Methylation Testing Using Methylation-Sensitive Restriction Enzymes “MSRE-qPCR”
  2. Plasmonic Hepatitis B Biosensor for the Analysis of Clinical Saliva
  3. Corrigendum to “High diversity of beta-lactamases in the General Hospital Vienna verified by whole genome sequencing and statistical analysis”
  4. High-k Dielectric Passivation: Novel Considerations Enabling Cell Specific Lysis Induced by Electric Fields
  5. Middle age has a significant impact on gene expression during skin wound healing in male mice
  6. Hepatitis B plasmonic biosensor for the analysis of clinical serum samples
  7. Antibody Microarray for the fast Detection of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  8. Multiplex characterisation of human pathogens including species and antibiotic resistance gene identification
  9. Wound healing and longevity: Lessons from long-lived αMUPA mice
  10. DNA-methylation and autoantibodies based cancer diagnosis from body fluids