Name: Nicolette van Veldhoven

Country: Netherlands


Windesheim university of applied sciences.

Phone no: 088 - 469 60 99

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Windesheim university of applied sciences.

Research Interests:

  • Van Veldhoven's research within the Sports Pedagogy professorship should contribute to sustainable knowledge development and safeguarding in the field of a safe sports climate (VSK), from a pedagogical perspective. 
  • In addition to Windesheim, the other colleges of higher education also participate in physical education: The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Fontys and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. CIOS Netherlands, Landstede Sport & Bewegen and the municipalities of Arnhem, Rotterdam and Zwolle also make a contribution.



  • Gold in Education and Elite Sports 20 May 2015
  • Research project (on-going) - In this EU project, research is carried out within the research group with the aim of promoting and supporting good governance principles and dual careers for athletes.
  • Cross-border behavior in sport 11 December 2017
  • Research project (completed) - Research into the prevalence of abuse and cross-border behavior in sport and its effect on later well-being.
  • iCoachKids November 28, 2016
  • Research project (on-going) - in iCoachKids, eight organizations work together in the field of youth sport and coach education led by Leeds Beckett University and International Council for Coaching Excellence.
  • Parents along the line 19 May 2015
  • Research project (completed) - Children examined the behavior of parents by observing them during a number of competitions in collaboration with the Da Costaschool Soest.
  • PARENT (Erasmus +) 20 February 2017
  • Research project (ongoing) - A project that focuses on stimulating and improving a committed and responsible parenting in sport. Partners from ten European organizations make a contribution.


  1. First practical experiences with PBS in sports clubs November 1, 2016.
  2. Gold in every child - Youth sport in a pedagogical perspective 31 December 2012.
  3. KVLO Topic Pedagogically safe sport and exercise climate July 31, 2016.
  4. Let us work hard December 31, 2014.
  5. With Positive Behavior Support to a safe sports club January 26, 2017.
  6. Positive coaching in youth sport is not soft 17 September 2015.
  7. Profclubs hunt for 'football babies' 24 December 2017.
  8. Sexual abuse in sport: Call to 'silent' victims of abuse in sport 13 April 2017.