Country: Nepal


Tribhuvan University, Nepal

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InREACH- Nepal Balbhadra Chwok New Baneshore, Kathmndu Nepal

Research Interests:

Maternal and Child Healthrn- Reproductive Healthrn- Alcohol rn- Migration



  1. Safety and Efficacy of a Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine.
  2. Alcohol Consumption Practices among Married Women of Reproductive Age in Nepal: A Population Based Household Survey.
  3. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus – A Public Health Concern in Rural Communities of Nepal.
  4. Nepalese Homebrewed Alcoholic Beverages: Types, Ingredients, and Ethanol Concentration from a Nation Wide Survey.
  5. Factors associated with nonadherence to diet and physical activity among Nepalese type 2 diabetes patients; a cross sectional study.
  6. Changing trends on the place of delivery: Why do Nepali women give birth at home?
  7. Knowledge of Diabetes Mellitus among Pregnant Women in Three Districts of Nepal.
  8. Prevalence of depression and associated risk factors among persons with type-2 diabetes mellitus without a prior psychiatric history: A cross-sectional study in clinical settings in urban Nepal.
  9. Safety and Efficacy of a Hepatitis E Virus Vaccine Conducted in Nepal.
  10. High-Risk Childbirth Practices in Remote Nepal and Their Determinants.
Feb 2011–