Name: Myoung-Gun Choung

Country: korea, Democratic people's rep


Department of Herbal Medicine Resource

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Department of Herbal Medicine Resource,
Dogye Campus,
Kangwon National University,
Republic of Korea.


  • Dr. Myoung-Gun Choung was born in South Korea.
  • He obtained BS, MS  and Ph. D degrees from the Yeungnam University in Korea. All degrees were in Agronomy with emphasis on plant breeding and chemical analysis.
  • He worked an agricultural researcher of Rural Development Administration(RDA) in Korea from 1997 to 2003.
  • Dr. Choung is currently a Professor at Kangwon National University in Korea and chief of the Department of Herbal Medicine Resources.
  • He is a researcher who is making the utmost efforts at the forefront of research on growing, developing, supplying, and enhancing availability of new breeds of plants that are major food crops in Korea that are not produced enough inside the country and have to be imported from other countries such as rice, soybean, peas, kidney beans, and potatoes.
  • Research interests include plant breeding and metabolomic analysis of nutritional and functional compounds for plants.